Application Performance Engineering


Measuring Application Performance Engineering

Why Utilize Application Performance Engineering?

Application performance engineering examines how your new programs will run across the application lifecycle. Too many companies develop or implement new applications without really knowing how they will impact system performance. Will the application work as expected? Will it cause bottlenecks or negatively impact delivery on SLAs? Will it be slow or clunky? Don’t just wonder how your new applications will work and hope for the best. Find out what to expect by measuring application performance across the application lifecycle. J9 Technologies can help you implement best of breed HP performance testing software to ensure that your new applications meet your requirements under real world conditions.

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What Can Application Performance Engineering Do?

Measuring application performance at all stages of the application lifecycle will help you to determine how an application will behave and how it will affect other processes. Application performance engineering examines the activities of an application from end-to-end, simulating real life conditions. The best performance tests like HP LoadRunner performance testing software can determine how an application will behave across all environments. Application performance engineering strives to determine not just performance under ideal circumstances, but under stressful conditions as well. Load testing, stress testing, and performance testing are critical before launching a new program to avoid costly bottlenecks or errors down the road.

How Does Application Performance Engineering Work?

J9 Technologies specializes in ALM (advanced lifecycle management) using best of breed HP software. QTP LoadRunner examines applications early in the development lifecycle to determine how they will perform. Bugs are detected early so that they are easier to fix. Functions like requirement gathering can determine how long an operation will take to complete, and whether or not it will meet your company’s SLAs. It is essential that the performance test is methodical and systematic so that all end-user, code level, and system level data is analyzed and correlated. Equally important is that application performance engineering software is user-friendly, so that your engineers find it practical to use in the real world. Superior products like HP LoadRunner performance testing use automated engines to diagnose raw data and present it in an actionable format to reduce the time required to identify problems and implement solutions.

Application Performance Engineering in Pre-Production

Without question, the best time to start measuring application performance is before you release a new application or implement an infrastructure upgrade. It is surprisingly common for an IT department to implement a new application without prior knowledge of how it will function. This is simply not best practice, and in certain instances can have serious consequences like causing bottlenecks and service outages. A reliable performance test should always be utilized during the development process of new applications. At J9 Technologies, we leverage industry-leading HP software like LoadRunner, Performance Center, and Application Diagnostics to help clients turn their investments into a CoE (Center of Excellence).

Application Performance Engineering in Post-Production

Application performance engineering does not end once an application has been implemented. At J9 Technologies, our experienced IT professionals work with customers to develop a program of ongoing performance testing across the application lifecycle. Consistent measuring of application performance allows for fine tuning of a live application to optimize its functionality. Leading HP software such as LoadRunner, Performance Center, Application Diagnostics are used in combination with HP Business Availability Center to create a closed loop that feeds data about functional and non-functional behaviors to your IT team. Continuous software performance engineering means that your applications and systems are meeting your needs. If bugs are detected, QTP LoadRunner reduces the time required to resolve issues, thanks to its extensive user-friendly data stream. With post-production advanced lifecycle management in place, your systems will be less vulnerable to outages, bottlenecks, errors, and potentially catastrophic events.

Expert Application Performance Engineering With J9 Technologies

As a certified HP Software Specialist Partner, J9 Technologies brings together best of breed HP software with proven methodologies and the most experienced IT professionals. We specialize in Application Performance Lifecycle Management and Business Service Management to help your company get the most from its technology investments. J9 Technologies offers a comprehensive line of HP products to meet your business needs, including:

Our best in breed HP software and tools for measuring application performance are backed up by world class support and training. J9 offers customized packages of service and maintenance to meet your company’s needs. Choose from Enterprise Level Support, Premier Support, Standard Support, and Service Packs, depending on the level of ongoing support you require.

Application Performance Engineering With The J9 Technologies Smart Sourcing Edge

At J9 Technologies, we understand that companies need Software Quality Assurance and Business Service Management services that are not overly time consuming or expensive. Our Smart Sourcing services are a Seattle-based remote testing and administration center that provides customers with on-demand services on a per-project basis at a competitive price. The experienced software engineers from J9 Technologies partner with your in-house IT team to supplement your existing staff and offer training in measuring application performance, implementing a CoE, setting up HP BAC monitoring, and more. Unlike traditional outsourcing arrangements, Smart Sourcing tech support is fully integrated into your company. We understand your business, we train your staff, and we collaborate to design the IT solutions your company requires. Contact J9 Technologies today to discover how measuring application performance and our expert application performance engineering services can enhance your company’s application lifecycle management and become a part of your comprehensive package of IT solutions.