Premier Support

The Premier Support level provides an in-depth plan for companies looking for additional support options and enhanced response times above those provided in the Standard Support level. This higher level of support not only offers faster response times, but also additional reporting and communication options. J9’s Premier Support Level provides consistent communication and detailed, frequent reporting so that you can be assured that your software capabilities and securities are well taken care of.

The support features at the Premier Support level include all features in the Standard Support level, plus the following:

Environment Discovery Meeting
J9 provides a discovery and support kick-off meeting to introduce teams, review your environment, answer questions and share information to enable J9 to provide better support so we can meet your needs.

Monthly Service Reviews
We will schedule a quarterly meeting with you and your team to review the quality of support that is being delivered. The primary objective of the service review is to communicate openly about the J9 service that is being provided. Optionally, we will also provide semi-annual on-site visits for better understanding of your needs and environment.

Receive real-time online case history and reporting each month. We will provide you with access to our case tracking systems so you can view case status in real time, as well as run your own reports. We also offer customizable reports based upon your needs. We are constantly improving our tools to enable more information for your benefit.