HP Quality Center Software

HP Quality Center Software

HP Test Director Quality Center


HP Quality Center software (formerly known as HP Test Director Quality Center) is the tool your business needs to integrate and manage all of your business process testing. With HP Quality Center software, your QA (quality assurance) team will have all the data they need about applications right at their fingertips, wherever they happen to be. This industry leading quality management software offers a web-based solution to coordinating team efforts in measuring application performance, whether it is across the building or around the world. J9 Technologies is a certified Hewlett-Packard Software Specialist Partner that excels in implementing HP Application Lifecycle Management strategies as part of a complete IT quality assurance solution.


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HP Quality Center Software Organizes Application Testing

HP Quality Center software provides your IT staff with an automated application testing platform for projects of all sizes. HP Quality Center software creates a single place where all application test data is organized and integrated to eliminate redundancies and increase efficiency. Application performance engineering is made simple when all of your IT team members have access to the results of both ongoing and prior tests. Quality management is made easier with the versioning and baselining functions in HP Quality Center software / HP Test Director Quality Center. Complex operations like multiple concurrent applications requirements performance tests are integrated so that team members can coordinate their efforts. The baseline function of this HP software creates milestones to make it easy to assess the impact of changes made to an application during the business process testing.


HP Quality Center Software Supports All Quality Testing Processes

When you implement HP Quality Center software, you will have one solution for all of your application lifecycle testing. To gauge the true function and performance of an application, IT teams often rely on a combination of automated and manual tests. It is also necessary to run a variety of types of application testing processes, including LoadRunner performance testing, stress tests, functional, regression, and integration tests. HP Quality Center software / HP Test Director Quality Center can support and collate data and results from all of these tests in one user-friendly platform. The industry-leading HP software can help your team evaluate functionality, performance, and security for a complete and accurate picture of both pre and post-production applications.


HP Quality Center Software Offers Integrated Quality Assurance Testing

How does your company manage its business process testing? Is it a scattered effort, with little communication between divisions and team members or is it a fully integrated quality assurance platform? With HP Quality Center software, everything one team member does can be reviewed by the others. When quality management testing is centrally governed, efficiency is improved across the entire application lifecycle. Priorities can be set to optimize the investment in business process testing. It is often not realistic to test every component of every single application; HP Quality Center software / HP Test Director Quality Center offers guidance on which quality management tests are most vital to minimize risk. Errors which would be the most likely to result in costly SLA (service-level agreement) violations or massive system slowdowns will be prioritized over less critical functions. Not only that, but the business side and the tech side of the house can collaborate to make an informed decision about when to release a new application. HP software puts businesses in the driver’s seat to make informed decisions.


HP Quality Center Software Improves Efficiency

Business process testing is an essential part of quality management, but that does not mean that it has to be time-consuming or labor intensive. HP Quality Center Software manages your application testing processes to make them more efficient. When errors are detected, the automated program checks the database for previously detected errors of a similar nature. This reduces the MTTR (mean time to resolution) when bugs are discovered by decreasing the need for manual checking and by allowing your IT staff to reference previous solutions as models for current problems. Less time invested in application lifecycle management means less cost to your company. The HP Test Lab module allows the QA team to schedule tests to run during the least busy times in your network, such as over nights or weekends. This convenience helps to keep your network running as fast as possible during the hours of peak demand. It’s just one more way that HP Quality Center Software / HP Test Director Quality Center will make your company more efficient.


J9 Technologies And The HP Quality Center Software

As a certified HP Software Specialist Partner, J9 Technologies brings together best of breed HP software with proven methodologies and the most experienced IT professionals. We specialize in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle Management to help your company get the most from its technology investments. Our experts can help you select the HP Quality Center / HP Test Director Quality Center software version that meets your requirements, including Quality Center Starter Edition, Quality Center Enterprise, or Quality Center Premier for advanced functions on a global scale. J9 Technologies offers a comprehensive line of HP products to meet your business needs, including: 

  • HP Quality Center
  • HP Business Availability Center for SOA
  • HP Diagnostics
  • HP Performance Center
  • HP SOA Systinet
  • HP Real User Monitoring
  • HP TransactionVision
  • HP LoadRunner
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • HP SiteScope Monitoring

 Our best in breed HP software is backed up by world class support and HP BAC training. J9 offers customized packages of service and maintenance to meet your company’s needs. Choose from Enterprise Level Support, Premier Support, Standard Support, and Service Packs, depending on the level of ongoing support you require. Our Smart Sourcing services are a Seattle-based remote testing and administration center that provides customers with on-demand services on a per-project basis at a competitive price. Contact J9 Technologies today to discover how market leading HP Quality Center software / HP Test Director Quality Center can enhance your company’s quality management efforts and become a part of your comprehensive package of IT solutions.