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HP SiteScope Monitoring | HP Sitescope 11

Agentless Monitoring of Infrastructure and Applications

HP SiteScope Monitoring offers a complete agentless monitoring solution for companies that currently do not have consistent IT monitoring in place. It is an excellent tool for measuring application performance with minimal investment of personnel time or business resources. The software allows you to monitor your networks and applications without installing agents on target servers. SiteScope 11 offers superior scalability and flexibility to grow with your company and meet changing demands. It is easy to integrate with other HP network monitoring software and can become the building block for programs such as HP LoadRunner performance testing. SiteScope monitoring software is also fully compatible with HP Operations Manager when you want to combine agentless monitoring with agent directed. View all reports in HP Performance Center for a complete picture of how your applications and IT infrastructure are performing. Certified Hewlett-Packard Software Specialist Partner J9 Technologies will help you put it all together to create an HP BAC monitoring center that fits your needs.


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HP SiteScope Monitoring: Powerful Monitoring Solutions In Under an Hour

SiteScope Monitoring is a remarkably user-friendly software package. It is designed to be simple enough for a non-expert to install and deploy in under an hour. Right from the box, SiteScope 11 supports monitoring for the health and performance of over 100 of the most widely used applications. HP SiteScope Solution Templates are pre-configured platforms designed to monitor some of the most popular IT programs, including HP Quality Center software and HP QuickTest. SiteScope Monitor comes with best practices and threshold values as part of the Solution Templates, making it very simple to read and interpret data. HP SiteScope Monitoring allows IT staff to customize templates and create specialized monitors as well, making it the complete out of the box remote server monitoring solution.


HP SiteScope Monitoring: Web-Based Monitoring Solutions

SiteScope 11 agentless monitoring allows your IT staff to view real-time reports, manage alerts, make changes, and solve problems from anywhere on its simple web-based user interface. This is a brilliant solution for today’s mobile workforce, as it keeps your IT techs connected no matter where they happen to be. There are even apps to enable use of the HP SiteScope Monitoring console from an iPhone or iPad, so critical issues can be addressed before they cause serious problems. Your IT team can log into your SiteScope Monitoring dashboard from anywhere, using connection methods such as TELNET, rlogin, HTTP, SSH, NetBIOS, and WMI, confident that all transactions are completely secured by SSL technology. This is just one of the many features that makes SiteScope Monitor an excellent low cost agentless monitoring solution.


HP SiteScope Monitoring: Works Across All Environments

Companies need remote service monitoring across complex environments and virtually all application platforms. HP SiteScope Monitoring measures application and server utilization, response time, availability, performance, and traffic flow in any environment. It is an ideal tool for measuring application performance in hybrid and private cloud environments. A single SiteScope 11 server can support over 20,000 monitors and run 1000s of tests per minute, spanning a large number of host types and application platforms, including:

  • Virtualization: numerous monitors covering virtualization technologies from VMware, Microsoft®, Citrix, and Oracle/Sun
  • Cloud computing: Amazon Web Services monitor that enables monitoring of Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Heterogeneous environments: monitors for Windows®, UNIX®, and Linux systems
  • Microsoft technologies: monitors for SharePoint, Exchange, Active Directory, IIS, SQL Server, and Lync Server (formerly OCS)
  • Applications: numerous monitors for web application servers, databases, streaming technologies, networking, and many more.

HP SiteScope Monitoring: Reduces Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

A key benefit of HP SiteScope Monitoring is the speed of data collection and reporting. The software allows IT staff to set up customized alerts to notify them if performance dips below their specified thresholds. Mobile alerts can even be sent directly to key IT staff to notify them of time-sensitive errors or problems. SiteScope 11 has a mass deploy feature that allows you to quickly implement global system-wide reconfigurations to fix issues with little manual effort and even less time. In this way your IT team can resolve many problems before your end-users are even aware of them. SiteScope Monitoring is agentless monitoring at its best, as it gives your company the tools to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) without the expense of installing and maintaining agents.


HP SiteScope Monitoring: Evolves To Meet Changing Needs and Environments

Technology advances rapidly, and SiteScope Monitoring is designed to keep pace with the changes. It is flexible and dynamic software that evolves to support technology like cloud computing and virtualization. It is a highly scalable lightweight architecture that allows for increased capacity without increased investment. As an affordable entry into the field of application performance engineering and HP server monitoring software, SiteScope 11 is the perfect tool for small to mid-sized businesses. As your operations grow in size and complexity, SiteScope Monitor can be used to support monitoring of 1000s of applications and network connections. Count on HP SiteScope Monitoring software to improve the availability and performance of your servers, operating systems, networks, Internet services, and applications, both today and into the future.


J9 Technologies: Your HP SiteScope Monitoring Specialist

As a certified HP Software Specialist Partner, J9 Technologies brings together best of breed HP software with proven methodologies and the most experienced IT professionals. We specialize in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle Management to help your company get the most from its technology investments. Our experts offer HP Performance Center training to help you integrate HP SiteScope Monitoring with your other HP software products. J9 Technologies offers a comprehensive line of HP products to meet your business needs, including:

  • HP SiteScope Monitoring
  • HP Business Availability Center for SOA
  • HP Diagnostics
  • HP Performance Center
  • HP SOA Systinet
  • HP Real User Monitoring
  • HP TransactionVision
  • HP LoadRunner
  • HP QuickTest Professional
  • HP Quality Center software
  • HP TransactionVision

Our best in breed HP software is backed up by world class support and BAC consulting. J9 offers customized packages of service and maintenance to meet your company’s needs. Choose from Enterprise Level Support, Premier Support, Standard Support, and Service Packs, depending on the level of ongoing support you require. Our Smart Sourcing services are a Seattle-based remote testing and administration center that provides customers with on-demand services on a per-project basis at a competitive price. Contact J9 Technologies today to discover how next-generation HP SiteScope Monitoring with SiteScope 11 software can meet all of your agentless monitoring needs and become a part of your comprehensive package of IT solutions.