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HP QTP Loadrunner Performance Testing

Industry-Leading Technology

HP LoadRunner performance testing offers businesses enterprise-class load testing in an intuitive and efficient package. HP LoadRunner software is far and away the industry-leader in performance testing software: they have captured a remarkable 77% of the load testing market around the world. LoadRunner is fully integrated with other HP software, including HP QuickTest Professional, HP WinRunner, and HP Quality Center. As a certified Hewlett-Packard Software Specialist Partner, J9 Technologies is an expert in deploying QTP LoadRunner for businesses.

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HP LoadRunner Performance Testing: Decreases Risk

The best time to prevent disaster is before it strikes, which is why so many companies rely on QTP LoadRunner load testing. Before you release a new application, it is absolutely critical to thoroughly test it for weak points that can be prone to failure in real world use. The last thing that a company needs is to learn of errors or bugs in its applications from angry customers. LoadRunner performance testing enables you to discover how your application and systems will perform before they go live, allowing you to correct errors in your multi-user systems before they are launched. This advanced performance testing software simulates 1000s of users simultaneously using real life workloads to determine if the application is able to deliver as expected with no errors or bottlenecks. HP load tests are designed to stress applications using consistent, quantifiable, and repeatable loads for the most accurate results. QTP LoadRunner is fully compatible with HP Performance Center and HP Quality Center Software so that you can gather a complete picture of new applications to make intelligent informed decisions about when to release them.

HP LoadRunner Performance Testing Supports Your Applications

One reason that QTP LoadRunner is the worldwide favorite QTP load testing software is that it supports performance testing for every major software application and environment, including: web, SOA and web services, Ajax, RDP, database, legacy, Citrix, Java, .NET and all major ERP and CRM applications, including PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and Siebel. Because QTP LoadRunner performance testing is compatible with virtually every application and protocol, it is the only performance test you will need. This simplicity allows IT staff to use the HP load functional testing for all new projects, without wasting time or resources on licensing and learning other QTP performance testing software.

HP LoadRunner Performance Testing Detects Problems Faster

Wouldn’t it be nice if your QTP performance testing software could detect bugs early in the lifecycle of application development? HP LoadRunner performance testing does exactly that. It validates headless components early in the development process so that errors can be identified and fixed swiftly. The intuitive program allows you to test components earlier and more often so that solutions are implemented before more layers are built upon a faulty foundation. Performance bottlenecks are eliminated early in the application development lifecycle. HP Performance Diagnostics Profiler software is included in the package, and makes it possible for developers to debug right from their desktops. Proactive load testing with LoadRunner performance testing saves time and money.

HP LoadRunner Performance Testing Reduces Error Resolution Time

QTP load testing with LoadRunner reduces the time it takes to identify and to correct bugs. It examines every tier, server, and system component to determine end-user response times and whether the application will meet your SLA (service-level agreements). HP LoadRunner software’s advanced diagnostic probe gathers data from every line of code, examines SQL (structured query language) statements, and locates bottlenecks. The results of the load testing are displayed in a user-friendly single view that shows all end-user, code level, and system level data. This visibility makes it easy for engineers to review data to identify and resolve problems. HP’s Click and Script technology reduces scripting time by as much as 80% to help developers get a quick picture of which testing steps they should run next. Simply put, a better performance test offers better data and optimizes APE (Application Performance Engineering).

HP LoadRunner Performance Testing Offers Superior Diagnostics

QTP LoadRunner performance testing software uses the patented HP Auto Correlation engine which scans the end-user systems and comprehensively diagnoses all the gathered data. The raw data gathered during the load test is examined to determine the sources of bottlenecks. Application developers are presented with a list of the 10 most likely reasons for poor performance and system slowdowns. Data is also used to confirm that the application meets scalability requirements. Superior diagnostic reports are just one more reason why HP LoadRunner is the performance test of choice for over ¾ of businesses worldwide.

HP LoadRunner Performance Testing Follows The Entire Application Lifecycle

QTP LoadRunner is designed to follow the entire lifecycle of an application, from end to end. Not only is it the premier load testing software for the development and production stage of an application, but HP LoadRunner performance testing software can continue to be used once an application has gone live. LoadRunner is fully compatible with HP BAC (Business Availability Center), so that the same scripts can be used for comprehensive load testing on a live application. Advanced ALM (application lifecycle management) is one of the many reasons that J9 Technologies recommends HP LoadRunner as part of a complete BSM (Business Service Management) solution.

J9 Technologies Is Your HP Performance Center and Software Partner

As a certified HP Software Specialist Partner, J9 Technologies brings together best of breed HP software with proven methodologies, and the most experienced IT professionals. We specialize in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle Management to help your company get the most from its technology investments. J9 Technologies offers a comprehensive line of HP products to meet your business needs, including:

  • HP LoadRunner Performance Center
  • HP Business Availability Center for SOA
  • HP Diagnostics
  • HP Performance Center
  • HP SOA Systinet
  • HP Real User Monitor Software
  • HP TransactionVision
  • HP Quality Center
  • HP QuickTest Professional

Our best in breed HP software is backed up by world class support and training. J9 offers customized packages of service and maintenance to meet your company’s needs. Choose from Enterprise Level Support, Premier Support, Standard Support, and Service Packs, depending on the level of ongoing support you require. Our Smart Sourcing services are a Seattle-based remote testing and administration center that provides customers with on-demand services on a per-project basis at a competitive price. Contact J9 Technologies today to discover how enterprise-class HP LoadRunner performance testing software and QTP LoadRunner can enhance your company’s application lifecycle management and become a part of your comprehensive package of IT solutions.