Service Packs

Service Packs are pre-paid, fixed-price/fixed-time service packets which can be instantly invoked, when needed, to schedule remote technical services. Service Packs are good for one year after purchase date and are typically delivered remotely. Service Packs can be provided as an onsite delivery, in which travel costs will be invoiced at the cost incurred. Some applications include:

  • Architectural reviews
  • Script development
  • Software patches
  • Software upgrades
  • Software license analysis
  • Virtually any technical service where rapid turnaround is desirable.

Managed Services

Managed Services are available for those customers who may not have adequate IT resources to maintain their current environment or those who wish to enhance their current staff with HP software administrator level engineers. Based upon your needs, there are several service options available, each competitively priced:

  • 100% on-site HP software administration
  • 25% on-site and 75% off-site HP administration
  • 100% off-site HP administration
  • Customer defines the duties
    • Administrative level only. HP software and server administration such as backup/restores, template/policy administration, maintenance of software and services and other specific HP Software administration duties as you require.
    • Administrative project work
    • Implementation of new monitoring systems
    • Day-to-day HP software administration
  • Instantly-on server instances
  • Pre-configured HP LoadRunner installation
  • Pre-installed J9 Middleware Suite for HP LoadRunner
  • Only pay for what you use; no costly server setup or software licensing