Our Partners


AppDynamics mission is to deliver true application intelligence that helps your software-defined business run faster, leaner, and more efficient. You get the visibility and control you need to identify problems, find the root cause, and instantly connect the dots to get applications—and user transactions—on track and running flawlessly. AppDynamics provides the certainty that your most complex, business-critical applications are performing at the highest level; and be certain that the data and information generated by these applications can be harnessed for ongoing business advantage and impact.



Aternity monitors any application on any physical, virtual, or mobile device, providing a user-centric vantage point that closes the visibility gap existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools. By effectively transforming every device — physical, virtual, and mobile — into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware, enterprises are empowered with user-centric, proactive IT management capabilities that dramatically reduce business disruptions and increase workforce productivity. Learn more about Aternity’s 30-day product evaluation of Workforce APM here, and sign up today for Aternity’s no-cost, tag-free SaaS offering for Mobile App Developers here.



HP is one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world. Fortune 100 companies and dozens of government agencies globally rely on HP to fulfill their Business Technology Opitimization (BTO) strategies. HP is an award-winning company with strong leadership and sales offices worldwide. J9 Technologies has been nominated by HP for it’s top emerging partner award.


VSS Monitoring

VSS Monitoring is the leading innovator in network visibility with 160+ products ranging from basic network taps through Distributed Network Capture Systems, featuring tap/ SCAN capture, aggregation, filtering, load-balancing and remote management. J9 is pleased to announce our partnership with VSS Monitoring, bringing their best of breed tools to a complete solution portfolio for our customers.



One of the world’s largest global distributors of electronic parts, enterprise computing and storage products and embedded subsystems, Arrow provides a vital link in the technology supply chain. Arrow brings a breadth and depth of service capabilities, such as supply-chain and design-chain services, logistics solutions, product assembly, device programming, computer system configuration and integration, and technical seminars—all in addition to its core distribution services.