WEBINAR | OCT 8 | Leverage Your Splunk Investment with OpsA

Predict, prepare for and pinpoint performance issues by combining HP OpsA and J9 Accelerators with Splunk.

This webinar will cover how your IT operations teams will be able to extract the full value of their data. If you’ve made an investment in Splunk and want to become more proactive in identifying incidents before they occur, while at the same time reducing maintenance costs, you need to attend.

Learn how to:

  • Go beyond log searches, to simplify, predict, automate and analyze your ops data
  • Bring forward actionable intelligence for all users in an organization
  • Enable your teams to spend less time reacting and restoring operations - become proactive!


Clay Roach, CTO, J9 Technologies

Clay Roach, CTO and founder of J9 Technologies.  He’s been fighting production outages, performance issues and 911’s for over a decade, and now spends his time advising Fortune 50 clients on how to streamline incident management and operations to prevent those problems from recurring. At one point or another, he’s been a developer, architect, consultant, manager, advisor, pre-sales engineer, head of sales, troubleshooter, or author.

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Registration Bonus
Register and you’ll be entered into a draw for a Fitbit Surge - Fitness Super Watch.  It’s kind of a J9 Accelerator for your wrist. It’ll monitor your continuous heart rate and all-day activity stats.

Hope you join us!