HP Performance Center Training

HP Performance Center Training

Take the Guesswork Out of Testing Applications

HP Performance Center answers a critical question that every business must address: will our new applications perform as required? Far too many companies launch a new application without adequate performance testing and just hope that it will work. Don’t guess – know! HP Performance Center offers a scalable solution for measuring application performance at every stage of the application lifestyle, from pre-production to post-production. J9 Technologies is a certified Hewlett-Packard Software Specialist Partner that specializes in HP Performance Center training, deployment, and management.


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HP Performance Center: An Affordable Out of the Box Solution

One of the key reasons why HP Performance Center software is the gold standard for performance testing is that is is affordable and easy to use. Do not make the mistake of throwing more hardware at your application lifecycle management questions. HP Performance Center software is a more effective and more cost efficient solution. It allows businesses to lower the cost of performance testing through minimal use of hardware, 24×7 access to centralized web-based load testing infrastructure, and sharing of hardware licenses and skills. HP Performance Center offers scalability to meet your company’s IT needs and its budget. It can be used to create a performance testing CoE that can be accessed from anywhere around the world or to implement a shared IT service performance testing team that can be used to test even a single application. J9 Technologies will help you determine the level of service that is right for your company, and provide the HP Performance Center training you need to optimize your investment.


HP Performance Center: Lowers Risk

HP Performance Center is your company’s partner in preventing costly software disasters. Every business needs to upgrade their applications to stay competitive and manage growth, but without measuring application performance prior to deployment, the results can be very costly. Using the latest generation of HP LoadRunner software, HP Performance Center is a complete testing solution that will ensure that new applications meet your requirements before they are launched. The program tests applications under realistic conditions to find any conflicts or issues with scalability before they are put into use. This gives IT staff the peace of mind that upgrades will benefit their company, not cause headaches or outages. Risk is minimized because bugs are caught before an application is implemented, rather than once problems occur.


HP Performance Center: Optimizes Problem Resolution

If a problem occurs in your systems, it is critical that it is solved as quickly as possible. With HP Performance Center, problems are diagnosed in the shortest time possible. It provides superior traceability of performance requirements (SLAs) and defects for easy identification of problems and solutions. This industry-leading HP software also boasts a remarkably fast resolution of problems or bottlenecks to minimize loss of revenues and productivity. HP Performance Center training from the certified engineers at J9 Technologies will help you leverage your diagnostics to the fullest. Our application troubleshooters will teach your IT staff to effectively identify, isolate, and solve issues in the minimal time.


HP Performance Center Utilizes HP LoadRunner Software

HP LoadRunner is the most widely used application and load testing solution around the globe and it is the core technology of HP Performance Center software. The concept is simple: HP LoadRunner performance testing simulates the effects of hundreds or thousands of users accessing the application in real-time. The performance test system allows businesses to quickly and reliably predict how upgrades or new software will function under stress, thereby determining whether or not an application will allow them to fulfill their service agreements. The HP LoadRunner prevents problems by identifying concerns before a new application is live. It is also a highly effective post-production solution which can pinpoint the cause of flaws or bottlenecks and resolve them with minimal down time. The highly experienced staff at J9 Technologies offers HP Performance Center training to teach your employees how to implement HP LoadRunner software as part of creating a performance testing CoE (Center of Excellence).


Your Trusted HP Performance Center Training Specialist: J9 Technologies

Get the most out of your performance and load testing diagnostics with HP Performance Center training. At J9 Technologies, our goal is to give your IT engineers the skills to fully integrate HP software into their operations. We teach you how to optimize your existing software and hardware to increase ROI. Our training and mentoring programs can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you require instruction on basic installation or advanced tutorials in application lifecycle management. Trust J9 Technologies to help you develop effective strategies for performance testing, troubleshooting, and enterprise monitoring.  HP Performance Center training gives your staff the skills and experience to fully manage your HP software and develop future solutions for your company.


J9 Technologies Is Your HP Performance Center and Software Partner

As a certified HP Software Specialist Partner, J9 Technologies brings together best of breed HP software with proven methodologies, and the most experienced IT professionals. We specialize in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle Management to help your company get the most from its technology investments. J9 Technologies offers a comprehensive line of HP products to meet your business needs, including:

Our best in breed HP software is backed up by world class support and training. J9 offers customized packages of service and maintenance to meet your company’s needs. Choose from Enterprise Level Support, Premier Support, Standard Support, and Service Packs, depending on the level of ongoing support you require. Our Smart Sourcing services are a Seattle-based remote testing and administration center that provides customers with on-demand services on a per-project basis at a competitive price. Contact J9 Technologies to learn how your company can benefit from these services. With industry-leading HP Performance Center software, HP Performance Center Training and proven J9 Technologies support and training, your company has access to world class business strategies and IT solutions.