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Monday, February 09th, 2009

Reducing the Operational Costs of SOA

Software evolution has taken us a long way from the mainframe to distributed computing in the cloud. What hasn’t changed is the need for operations teams to effectively manage the applications and infrastructure that businesses and organizations rely on.

Join us on Friday, February 27th to learn how you can more effectively manage these composite/distributed/SOA applications by leveraging the existing expertise of operations teams along with tools and methodologies that:

- Ensure high availability
- Reduce the impact of outages
- Remove the need for issue escalations or bridge calls

You’ll also hear real-world examples of how other organizations have adapted to these new software architectures and steps taken to prepare for them before they landed in production. Lastly, we’ll cover the cost of not doing anything and how that price is paid elsewhere.

Reducing the Operational Costs of SOA

Friday, February 27, 2009

10am-11am PST

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