About J9

J9 Technologies is a certified Hewlett-Packard Software Specialist Partner, specializing in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle management. Our unique specialization brings together best-of-breed solutions from HP Software, proven methodologies, and top talent. Through a combination of people and technologies, we focus on application diagnostics, composite application management, and business transaction management to ensure that customers can quickly identify the root-cause of issues and minimize mean time to resolution.

As a thought leader in Business Service Management, we work with our customers to ensure that IT goals and objectives align with those of the business, customers, or end-users. Our bottom line is to ensure our customers applications are managed by business criticality, impact, service-level agreements, and revenue targets.


J9′s mission is to lead our customers through the adoption of processes and tools that optimize the costs of managing the lifecycle of their applications.


J9 Technologies Vision is to be recognized as the most qualified and respected Application Lifecycle Management consultancy Worldwide. With our help, our customers are able to reduce the number of outages, bugs, and the mean time to identification of issues in their applications. Our proven methodology leverages the skill sets of our customer’s resources along with the appropriate software tools to deliver the efficiencies that the tools are capable of, but often never fully realized. In other words, we help customers obtain the value of the software investments they’ve made, understanding that there are no silver bullets to solving difficult performance issues or creating the organizational changes required to deliver the most value to the business units they serve. One of our core strengths is our continued investment in our people and the understanding that we are only as strong as our ability to provide our customers with consultants who have a high aptitude for delivering our application quality, performance and management methodologies.

Office Locations

J9 Headquarters: Seattle, WA               Pittsburgh, PA

1357 E. Olive Way                                         1712 E. Carson St.

Seattle, WA 98122                                        Pittsburgh, PA 15203

(206) 297.6723                                             (412) 586.5038

Mailing Address:

24 Roy St.

Box 211

Seattle, WA 98109