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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Some of the most critical bottlenecks reside in connections to backend systems, such as a database or the mainframe. But testing the connections to these systems is no trivial matter. This often requires creation of complex scripts that rely on in-depth application knowledge and even Java development skills.

JDBC Protocol Add-in helps you stress the data connections and isolate any bottlenecks before deploying in production. It captures all SQL traffic going from a Java application to the backend database and plays them back to directly exercise the data tier for high concurrency testing. This solution leverages J9′s expertise in testing and diagnostics of enterprise Java applications and is fully complementary to HP’s industry-leading LoadRunner product. This perfect marriage helps reduce testing costs and prevent potential problems in production.


Test application backend without writing Java code

Scale up and perform load tests to simulate hundreds of simultaneous users accessing the database without needing to create a front-end application. This singles out any potential bottlenecks in the critical data connection layer without putting additional burden on the QA teams.

Captures and Plays back JDBC statements

Records and replays all Java SQL statements, including all prepared statements and callable statements.

Enables Simple Parameterization

It’s easy to parameterize within the generated test scripts to create a realistic mix of users and data for the high concurrency load tests.

Heterogeneous Platform Support

Works seamlessly with any database, on any OS platform.


Shorten testing cycles

Deliver significant time savings in the testing of middleware and backend tiers.

Improve application service levels

Fully stress the critical JDBC connection to prevent potential problems after the applications are deployed.

Baseline data tier performance

With stress tests targeted exclusively at the backend, realistic SLAs can be created to measure and benchmark future performance.

Empower QA Engineers

Enable QA engineers to extensively test the JDBC connection without requiring Java knowledge and without additional training. Fully leverage existing skills in knowledge of HP LoadRunner solution.

Supported Platforms

  • all common Java application servers including Weblogic and Websphere.
  • all common Databases including Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server
  • Java 1.4 and up
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