Losing real issues in a sea of alerts from siloed tools

Identify high-priority issues quickly through improved event correlation

Fortune 1000 enterprises come to J9 for help in separating what’s important from the “noise” of daily operations. As an extension of your own existing team, J9 collaboratively develops and deploys IT operations management solutions that identify and resolve your most critically important problems -- quickly. With improved event correlation built on industry-leading tools you’ll cut through all of the event alert layers to find the root cause of your high-priority issues. Your enterprise will then be able to avoid the pitfalls that come from siloed, department-specific data that is ineffective in interpreting the operational interdependencies needed to determine the root cause of “real issues”.

Pain Points
Incompatible Tools and Excessive Alerts Drowning Out “Real Issues”

Department-specific or poorly configured APM or other monitoring tools can produce a “sea of alerts” with little relevance in resolving your underlying issues. It’s natural for each department - from networking to storage to end-user monitoring - to rely on the best tool to manage their own silo. Unless these tools are compatible or integrated into a larger management platform, the result can often lead to a breakdown in communication and even turf battles over who is responsible for operational issues. Enterprises using outdated tools and solutions have little visibility into their operations and are often left without centralized data collection ability - which is essential to detecting “real issues” and their related causes.

If an enterprise doesn’t find a way to get meaningful and actionable data from tools used by each operational department, it can become overwhelmed by alerts, confused as to where to turn next, and unable to solve important issues quickly. Effective event management is built on its full visibility into all IT operations and its ability to align and centralize departmental communication. Without that foundation, event management tools cannot perform their functions efficiently. Operations managers are left with a lot of noise, unable to filter through the noise to determine “real issues”.

Improved Event Correlation that Brings Serious Issues into Immediate Focus

To provide your organization with the actionable problem-solving steps to fix these issues as soon as they arise,J9 creates scalable solutions for you that combine automated logic and effective event correlation that’s tailored to your enterprise’s unique systems and business rules.

To effectively solve major issues, operational teams must have event management tools at their disposal that correlates data to uncover serious issues and their root causes. Comprehensive data correlation is only possible with an effective integration of departmental tools and clear visibility into the interrelationships between applications and infrastructure.

J9 provides you with clear visibility by taking your siloed tools and integrating them into a unified management system - built to best fit your enterprise’s existing systems, unique business rules, and priorities. This results in accurate operational mapping and the assurance that your event correlation tools can always pinpoint the source of system issues, instead of any secondary system symptoms.

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