Inability to navigate Change and Release Management

Update systems with confidence using an integrated operations management approach that predicts the impact of changes - ahead of time

J9 helps large enterprises that need frequent system updates to approach change and release management with confidence. You’ll benefit from J9’s ability to provide the IT integration and operations visibility necessary to map correlations while understanding how your different systems interact. When instituting changes or new releases, having this information will help you predict how a change in one component will affect other areas within a complex IT infrastructure. An elevated change management solution mitigates the risk of any update from spiraling out of control and causing unintended consequences, such as critical service outage. With your IT operation integrated, the impact of your system changes and application updates can be proactively determined and properly planned in advance.

Pain Points
Unpredictable Service Impact when Changing Infrastructure or Updating Applications

Change and release management is essential to improving infrastructure, fixing bugs, adding functionality, or streamlining operations. Yet, for enterprises with IT operations that are lacking in visibility and optimization, changes can result in unanticipated consequences. An update in server infrastructure may cause an application environment to become unstable. New functionality in an application or website may lead to excessive resource utilization.

Such consequences should be anticipated and remedied in advance, but many enterprises are not organized in a way to ensure that this occurs. In some cases, the problem is as simple as a lack of communication and unaligned priorities. An organization that’s “walled off”, lacking in systems visibility, and with inadequate event management will be unable to institute changes or new releases with the certainty that things won’t break in other areas.

Organizational Visibility and Event Correlation Improves Change and Release Management Predictability and Peace of Mind

With the greater visibility, event management, and understanding of interrelationships that J9 provides, the uncertainty of change and release management is vastly reduced. Correlative mapping capabilities can help you determine the effects that system changes and software releases will have throughout your entire IT operation. The proactive IT management that J9 helps to create for you puts an end to working out issues after changes are made. Instead, issues can be anticipated and fixed in advance.

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