Inability to easily detect, isolate, and resolve operational issues

Increase IT coordination, determine the root cause, and reduce MTTR

Enterprises that use J9’s integrated solutions see increased coordination, faster resolution, and improved overall IT performance. When the stakes are high, it is imperative that IT Ops teams are able to rapidly identify and isolate problems, thereby reducing mean-time-to-know (MTTK), so that the issues can be remedied. This can be challenging, especially for organizations with siloed IT teams, each responsible for specific domains, who are often not able to easily share information. It is critical to have the right tools in place, and depending on the landscape, this could mean anything from: operations or event management systems, a manager-of-managers (MoM), or a single-pane of glass system that allows IT to accurately assess what is going on within their infrastructure. And once a problem has been isolated, it is equally critical that IT Ops is equipped to quickly deploy a solution that ensures the best possible prognosis while reducing mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).

Having the right set of IT tools, configured specifically for your enterprise’s needs, makes it easier to see infrastructure interdependencies in real-time. Understanding these interrelationships empowers IT Ops to rely on context-based rules for automated monitoring to help simplify IT management, better prioritize issues, and resolve problems when they arise. IT teams can be in a better position to work collaboratively and more effectively with this information at their disposal.

Reducing the number of people and handoffs involved in the incident resolution process is key to increased operational efficiency. “Swivel chair” entries from event management consoles into the ITSM system is error-prone and time consuming. By automating the entire event to incident management process, and including automation to reduce the manual intervention steps, vastly reduces the number of manual steps and ultimately the cost of handling what can often be minor threats that turn into major outages. Sometimes, known as “CLIP” or Closed-Loop Incident Process - this approach is one of the most effective at reducing churn and ensuring timely issue resolution. J9 has expertise and tools to implement CLIP completely independent of what event management, automation and ITSM tools our customers may already have in place today.

Pain Points
Lack of Coordination and Slow Issue Resolution

Prioritization of events and coordination between teams is essential. Too often, though, teams within IT departments are “walled-off” from each other, and it’s difficult for team members in each area to see the larger picture. Disparate teams are generally protective over their own departments, and when issues arise, are quick to look outside of their own silos to pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

The process of diagnosing issues is often a sequence of kicking-the-can down the road: the database team says that slow responses from the database are caused by slow requests from the application team; the application team says that the network isn’t sending information quickly enough; the networking team says that the issue is related to problems with storage … and so on. And since none of the teams are able to see what the others are seeing, it’s virtually impossible to solve complex challenges.

Mission critical business services are typically dependent upon multiple cross-disciplinary IT teams for their performance. And yet - in most cases - these teams are operating in highly independent environments that lack collaboration and transparency. This creates real business challenges that can be overcome with single-pane of glass, manager-of-manager systems that enable cross-disciplinary visibility, so that IT Ops managers can readily pinpoint the cause of problems across teams in order for solutions to be rapidly deployed.

How can your organization cut through the noise of ineffective alerts and the lack of coordination to improve issue resolution?

Organize Data and Put It in Context to Increase Coordination

J9 Technologies provides solutions that take rapid problem isolation and root cause analysis to the “next level” by deploying tools and systems that functionally break down the walls between disparate IT teams. Our expertise in the architecture and in-the-trenches deployment of monitoring systems that facilitate cross-team visibility has helped IT Ops within some of the world’s largest organizations overcome the obstacles inherent to siloed IT teams while ensuring maximum business service uptime and performance. Our proprietary Accelerator software can help expedite your deployment and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership associated with configuring a single-pane of glass system. Accelerator software provides out-of-the-box connectivity into the industry’s top APM, event monitoring and management and end-user interface tools.

Let J9 Technologies help reduce the intradepartment “finger pointing” that extends both MTTK and MTTR durations by deploying an effective system that takes the guesswork out of diagnosing and remedying your enterprise’s IT issues.

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