Disruptive Services Outages Costing You “Real Money”

Implement a proactive approach that guards against widespread service outages

Application, middleware and infrastructure problems can result in outages and critical service performance issues. A predictive solution can help your business to proactively and preemptively identify the root cause of business service failures - isolating problems before they turn into serious outages that cost the business money, damage its reputation, while negatively impacting the operational landscape for your IT teams.

Successful operational deployments are not “one-size fits all” -- the effectiveness of deep learning algorithms for these tools is dependent not only on tool and partner selection, but also on the number, type, diversity and accurate interpretation of data sources. J9 has deployed operational for multiple Fortune 500 organizations, and is the most experienced provider in the industry to help guide you through the process of partner, tool and data source selection. This expertise ensures that you satisfy objectives aimed at reducing mean-time-to-know (MTTK) and mean-time-to repair (MTTR) - and that you have a real opportunity to know what’s coming before it arrives.

Organizations that have suffered from a large scale outage - as well as the IT Ops teams operating behind the scenes - can attest in hindsight to what we know through foresight: that the right solution, rightly deployed, could have prevented a major operational oversight, prevented millions of dollars in losses, and protected the jobs of those teams responsible for keeping mission-critical business services online.

Pain Points
Lost Money and a Diminished Reputation

While there’s nothing worse than a corporation’s IT failure becoming a trending media story and a topic of embarrassment among peers, IT Ops professionals are also aware that their own job security can hinge on avoidance of these problems altogether. Large-scale service outages can lead to persistent headlines in the media and reduced confidence among customers. It’s a threat to the reputation of a business as well as to its profitability. Preventing these disruptive service outages is crucial not only for the organization, but for IT Ops teams – and the buck stops with IT leadership.

While every IT department experiences disruptions, IT Operations teams are being increasingly held accountable for proactive, rather than reactive root cause analysis. The paradigm is shifting away from evaluating MMTK and MTTR for outages after they occur; rather, IT Ops teams are being judged based on how many issues are preemptively mitigated versus those issues that are reactively mitigated. The new standard of well-functioning IT monitoring requires the prediction and avoidance of outages, rather than rapid problem isolation and response.

The future of IT Ops will be focused on preventing disruptions before they occur. But how do you get there?

The J9 Solution: Predict Outages Before They Happen

While J9 is known for its unrivaled experience deploying Operational AI solutions that provide predictive insights, its proprietary Accelerator software can reduce both the speed and technical sophistication associated with an Operational AI deployment. Accelerator software rapidly aggregates and normalizes data from your existing, disparate sources or it connects your operational platform with existing APM, end-user monitoring, and network and storage sources to ensure that the data powering the predictive insights are valid and complete.

With J9’s expertise, IT Ops teams are able to get ahead of the game, working on solutions proactively rather than reactively, thereby mitigating disruptions while ushering in a new era of modernized answers to today’s most sophisticated ITOM challenges.

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