Disconnected arrays of inefficiently utilized monitoring infrastructure and tools

Proactively manage your IT operations by increasing coordination between IT departments through effectively leveraging their specific tools

To ensure that the best tools are in place and are fully leveraged within your IT operation. J9 does the heavy lifting of fully integrating your tools and the data they produce to offer you a comprehensive snapshot of your IT operation. And with J9’s Accelerator product suite, you’ll have access to a connectivity solution that can rapidly sync information from disparate data sources into a prefered single-pane-of-glass that makes proactive monitoring a reality - all without requiring any custom integration work. Some of the world’s largest and most successful enterprises in need of integrating disparate tools and and “walled-off” infrastructure have called on J9 to successfully elevate their operation using a holistic approach to prevent issues and better resolve those that have occurred

Pain Points
Non-Operational Tools and Lack of Integration

Many IT departments would benefit from a 360-degree view of the current state of their network systems. Each group within IT has its own priorities and approaches, as well as their own tools - which logically, should provide visibility into their systems. However, not all tools are used as effectively as they could be. In fact, just because tools are available, doesn’t mean that they are fully “turned on”. And even if these tools are up and running, this does not mean that they are always used or even considered as a top priority by the business unit.

Such a situation creates silos of infrastructure and tools that don’t necessarily align with the priorities of the IT operation. Application development and DevOps teams can each ensure the success of their particular mission and charter , such as delivering cutting-edge consumer tools or assuring effective server capacity management. Yet, in many cases, this inherently unaligned structure can be detrimental to an IT operation that seeks and needs to look at the “big picture”. Data and alerts may pile up, resulting in an event management process that can become time-consuming and driven by double-checking and finger pointing. How can your enterprise avoid falling into this trap?

Integrate Data from Multiple Tools - All in One Place

To bridge the gap between organizational silos, speed IT departments in elevating their operational performance and assurance, deliver faster end-user experiences and reduce downtime. J9 offers its extensive experience in bringing together data from disparate tools, which creates greater visibility into the interdependencies that exist between organizational functions while ensuring a proactive approach to IT operations management. J9 solutions are crafted to best fit your enterprise’s operational processes and unique business rules. J9 also offers you its new Accelerator product suite- which unifies data from across systems, and creates a single pane of glass that removes extraneous data and leaves you only the most essential information.

Get Control Over Your IT Operations
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