Application Downtime and Performance Degradation

Speed up your applications and reduce downtime by gaining greater visibility into your enterprise’s IT operation

J9 has succeeded in architecting solutions for the most complex application performance challenges facing the world’s largest organizations. Our ability to accurately diagnose enterprise problems, identify the appropriate set of APM tools based on your unique landscape, and then immerse ourselves into the implementation of a tailored performance monitoring program will satisfy your IT Ops objectives and help keep your critical business services running smoothly. Our platform-agnostic approach ensures that we’re recommending the right toolset to build and maintain accurate service dependency maps to track the interrelationships between critical application components . Our decades of experience enable us to distill your information into an elegant action plan that will improve your overall systems performance. Significantly improved performance along with a future-proof detection system preemptively mitigate application slowdowns. Fortune 500 IT Operations teams depend on J9 Technologies to speed up their applications and lay the groundwork for effective and preventative IT operations management.

Pain Point
Slowness that Hinders Operations and Frustrates Customers

Slow-performing applications that frequently experience downtime have significant business impact both within an organization and for its clients and customers. This performance degradation frustrates employees and causes customer-facing services to grind to a halt. Whether it’s a slow ATM, a call-center that cannot pull up customer records, a flight booking that fails before purchase, or supply-chain software that cannot provide real-time updates, system lags and failures have real-world consequences for a business’ productivity. Simply put, downtime and poor performance costs time and money, lowers employee morale, and hurts customer satisfaction. And this all too often shows up in the enterprise’s bottom line.

Application performance is related to several layers of IT infrastructure - from web and application servers to databases. How do you quickly cut through all these to find the sources of a slowdown?

Proven Experience and Expertise: A Solution That’s Right For Your Enterprise

J9’s extensive experience in improving application performance can help your organization discover the “real” issues and get them fixed. J9 Technologies provides the expertise required to identify all of the elements required to solve for the right problem, in the right way, and at the right time, based on your organization’s unique landscape. J9’s battle-tested experts know how to collaborate with your team and create and implement a plan to help improve your systems performance - all while gaining greater insight into what’s working and what’s not. For businesses with old or ineffective APM protocols that aren’t up to the challenges of today’s technologies, the improvement to your operation can be profound.

Building on years of experience in the IT trenches, J9’s subject matter experts can help you improve your IT management - maximizing operational agility and ensuring that effective systems monitoring leads to faster issue diagnosis. The end result for your enterprise is enhanced service delivery and a vastly improved end-user experience.

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