The JMS Protocol Add-in for HP Loadrunner Software

The JMS Protocol Add-in from J9 Technologies helps you stress the messaging middleware layer and identify bottlenecks before deploying in production. Based on years of testing and diagnostics expertise in helping some of the world's largest enterprises, this solution automatically captures all JMS traffic going from a Java application to the backend message queues and plays them back to directly exercise the messaging tier for high concurrency testing.

Capture all JMS messages to auto-generate testing scripts
for directly stressing your messaging applications

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If message-oriented middleware(MOM) is the backbone of your SOA environment, use the JMS protocol for LoadRunner to ensure adequate throughput

Automatic playback of test messages in order to validate slow-consumer problems

Simulate both sending and receiving messages

Test performance of your messaging provider for integration between systems.



Shorten testing cycles

Deliver significant time savings in the testing of middleware and backend tiers

Improve application service levels

Fully stress SOA middleware to prevent future performance and availability issues

Isolate messaging middleware problems

Find slow consumer/fast producer bottlenecks by testing both sides of a JMS transaction

Overcome communication barriers between QA, development and operations teams

Empower QA Engineers

Enable QA engineers to extensively test message systems without requiring JAVA knowledge and without additional training

Supported Platforms

> all common Java application servers including Weblogic and Websphere.

> all common JMS providers including WebSphereMQ, Sonci MQ, and Tibo EMS

> Java 1.4 and up

> Compatible with LoadRunner 9.1 and Performance Center 9.1 and above



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