Why Migrate?

HP is discontinuing support of it's OVIS product on December 31st 2009. HP is offering OVIS customers on active support the option of converting licenses over to HP's Business Availability Center product line, which includes both HP SiteScope and HP Business Process Monitor licenses in exchange for current HP OVIS licenses. Starting on January 1st 2010, the free license swap will not be available and customers will be required to purchase licenses outright from HP. Contact J9 for more information.

Advantages of Business Availability Center (BAC)

True Business Service Monitoring

BAC approaches monitoring from a business service perspective not a technology one. It allows you to visually design models of your applications and services, define the dependencies between various elements and display the health of your services in a real time dashboard

Future Growth

BAC is an enterprise grade Business Service Management. It will allow you to grow and add capabilities such as real user monitoring, problem isolation, discovery and dependency mapping, business transaction monitoring and more

Environmental Support

BAC supports end user monitoring across a much wider range of protocols including native record/playback for popular, yet complex environments such as Citrix, SAP, Siebel, Ajax and Oracle

Richer Reporting

BAC has a richer set of reports including user defined reports, scheduled reports all available in a variety of formats. This reduces the need for external reporting solutions


BAC allows you to integrate to 3rd party systems for either alerting, ticketing or monitoring data.

Reduced TCO

BAC requires a single skill set to create end user monitoring scripts, does not require external reporting solutions, can integrate to other system thus squeezing more value out of existing investments and provides a richer functionality for the same price point

J9 Can help

Get a jump start on converting your OVIS licenses over to BAC with help from J9 Technologies. We have performed numerous conversions of OVIS to BAC and have a deep background in both HP and Mercury software to aide you in this process. The advantages of migrating over to BPM's are too many to list, but include additional support for:

  • Web 2.0 scripting
  • Richer reporting
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Industry-standard scripting with VuGen (scripts may be re-used with LoadRunner)
  • Additional integrations with 3rd party tools (ticketing, alerting, monitoring)

In addition, BAC provides a foundation for growing into additional end user monitoring (RUM), problem isolation, application diagnostics (HP Diagnostics), application mapping (DDM), business transaction management and is all housed on HP's industry-leading uCMDB. The average conversion takes only a few weeks and includes hands on training and mentoring from J9's skilled consultants. The process includes:

  • Initial on-site assessment of current OVIS infrastructure
  • Navigating HP's guidelines for converting licenses from OVIS to BAC/BPM
  • Hardware and additional software recommendations for migrating
  • OVIS and BAC "health check" for determining areas of future investment or growth
  • Implementation and conversion of OVIS scripts to BPM's
  • Training and mentoring on BPMs, reporting, alerting and an exclusive "BAC Dashboard 101" hands-on session
  • Optional remote mentoring and J9 Premier support



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