Your Mission

You've got applications to test, performance issues to find, no budget and no time.'s software-as-a-service platform is the fastest, most cost-effective way to start working immediately. Advantages include:

  • Instantly-on server instances
  • Pre-configured HP LoadRunner installation
  • Pre-installed J9 Middleware Suite for HP LoadRunner
  • Only pay for what you use: no costly server setup or software licensing

Testing on Demand

Why spend the time setting up servers and installing software when j9testing has already done it for you? Once you sign up, you'll receive instructions on accessing your own pre-configured server with all the tools you need already available. Simply begin using the tools you already know - HP VuGen and LoadRunner - to record scripts and performance test your applications.




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Most medium-size companies don't have the network-management tools to monitor, quantify, and fix service problems. They're not just losing money; they don't even know they're losing it.


Source: Infonetics Research

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