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J9 Announces OpStream

For years you've been striving - and J9 has been here helping you - to achieve that single pane of glass for your monitoring tools. And now that we're there.... our industry has moved the bar on us all! Now we're not just expected to get all of our event and alert data into one place for effective event management, but we also need to put all of our metric data into different places for tools to use - to get our configuration and topology data into our service management and CMDB systems, to extract business data for our visualization systems, and more!

In this recorded webinar, J9 Technologies introduces our brand new OpStream product. OpStream is the industry's first platform that enables you to quickly and easily stream your metric, event, log and topology data to and from all of your monitoring, management, and visualization tools. Building on our successful J9 Accelerators technology, we have created an uber-connection tool that allows your IT operations data to be exchanged across organizational boundaries quickly, efficiently, and without the need to adopt a vendor's monolithic enterprise platform simply to share valuable IT data.

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About The Speakers

Clay Roach

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Clay Roach founded J9 Technologies in 2005 following 10 successful years of solving some of the toughest challenges facing IT Operations Management. He sold the business to Axxiome in 2015, but bought it back a year later, determined to build upon the business's experience and expertise to develop new solutions that will drive ITOM in the future.

Al Wasserberger


As J9's President, Al drives all of the non-technical operations including sales, marketing, finance & administration and support. He lives in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City with his wife Niki and 5 year-old daughter Leah. Al fancies himself a decent poker player, and is a huge Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and Blackhawks fan.