Diagnostics Training & Mentoring

We train customers on processes for integrating Hewlett Packard and other tools into their organization. J9 Technologies provides training ranging from basic installation to advanced application instrumentation and diagnostics. Drawing from our background as application troubleshooters, our training and mentoring is designed to enable your team to be up and running in no time. Whether it is working side by side to guide you through solving a performance problem or training your management to on how to develop an effective incident or problem management strategy, we have a training or mentoring package to suit your individual needs.

IT Training Designed For You  |  J9 Advanced HP Diagnostics Training

Our philosophy is to provide students with hands-on labs rather than just a lot of lecture. Confucius once said, “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” The HP Diagnostics Advanced Training course is  80% labs and  20% lecture so students get the most hands-on experience using the tool against running applications and real-world scenarios. J9’s HP software implementation experts have taken our collective experience and hand crafted training for the users and decision makers at your company. We instruct, direct, consult, and test your learning.

Course Goals:

  • Comprehension of the HP Diagnostics solution
  • Understand the responsibilities of Java Instrumentation
  • Including issues related to overhead with Java Instrumentation
  • Understand what options you have with dynamic instrumentation features
  • Understand the unique requirements of Performance Testing with Diagnostics
  • Understand Deployment tasks and planning concept, including scalability and high-availability considerations

Student Requirements:

Each student must have some working knowledge of the HP Diagnostics system. Each student should have some passing understanding of Java concepts and terminology (packages, classes, methods, etc)

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HP Diagnostics Training & Mentoring

Leveraging your Diagnostics tools to the fullest requires experts who understand complex application architectures and have experience using HP’s Diagnostics tools in a variety of environments. Whether you are using Diagnostics and LoadRunner in a pre-prodution environment or you are using Diagnostics as part of an enterprise monitoring strategy, we can help you create the necessary instrumentation and train your technical team to effectively identify and isolate issues in the shortest possible timeframe.


We know you’d much rather solve application issues in-house. Our training and mentoring programs can bring your entire staff up to speed on a particular technology. That way, your team can help determine the best solution for your organization in the future.