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J9 Technologies is a certified Hewlett-Packard Gold Partner, specializing in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle management. Our unique specialization brings together best-of-breed solutions from HP Software, proven methodologies, and top talent. Through a combination of people and technologies, we focus on application diagnostics, composite application management, and business transaction management to ensure that customers can quickly identify the root-cause of issues and minimize mean time to resolution.

As a thought leader in Business Service Management, we work with our customers to ensure that IT goals and objectives align with those of the business, customers, or end-users. Our bottom line is to ensure our customers applications are managed by business criticality, impact, service-level agreements, and revenue targets.


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Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard is one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world. Fortune 100 companies and dozens of government agencies globally rely on HP to fulfill their Business Technology Opitimization (BTO) strategies. HP is an award-winning company with strong leadership and sales offices worldwide. J9 Technologies has been nominated by HP for it's top emerging partner award.



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Medium-size businesses (101 to 1,000 employees) lose an average of $213,000 per year to application downtime.


Source: Infonetics Research