J9 Acquired by Axxiome

J9 is now a part of a global company. Read the official press release below:

Axxiome Acquires J9 Technologies; Transaction Strengthens Axxiome’s US Presence, Expands Services to Include IT Operations Management Products and Services

January 20th, 2015 New York, NY: Axxiome Group has completed the acquisition of J9 Technologies, Inc. to extend its reach and product portfolio in the North American market.

Axxiome is a global products, services and advisory firm focused on helping customers making key decisions about their business-critical applications, while J9 has products and services that guide customers through tuning and managing applications for IT operations. Axxiome and J9 together will provide a full service value chain including plan – build – test and run stages for strategic applications and systems. [Read more...]

J9 Featured on HP APM Press Release

J9 Technologies improves manageability, reliability of applications for customers

J9 Technologies provides specialized IT services to leading technology adopters in North America. Its services include application development, implementation, application hosting and Software as a Service (SaaS). To help its customers maximize budgets and improve application performance and availability, J9 needed software that offered deep application diagnostics, enterprise-class event management and incident tracking.

HP APM allows J9 to work with its customers’ operations and development teams to pursue DevOps(2)opportunities that help efficiently test applications and identify key performance indicators used for monitoring. This enables the operations teams to quickly identify and resolve application performance issues, avoiding costly service disruptions and reducing IT spend.

“The success of our business depends on being proactive in ensuring that our customers can get the most from mobile, cloud and DevOps opportunities,” said Clay Roach, president and chief executive officer, J9 Technologies. “HP APM tools are enabling our customers to quickly adapt to technology changes and help prevent application performance and availability issues.”

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J9 Presentations Spring, 2012

J9 will be hosting a Vivit BSM roundtable in June.  Stay tuned for more details!

Dynamic Object Labels

One matter which appears frequently when using QuickTest Professional is that of objects with dynamic properties. The dilemma: QTP uses properties to identify the objects, and if those properties change, the object can no longer be identified in the Object Repository.

Recently I had an application that had a button that toggled its text label from “Billed” to “Unbilled” when clicked. The inexperienced tester will put another, “Unbilled”, object in the Object Repository, thus creating two objects that point to one thing on the screen. This is a hackish and inelegant workaround which will suffice if you just don’t know what to do.

But what happens if you want to verify that the label changes when clicked? You have a problem now, because your test will always pass, whether the requirement has been met or not.

In this case I changed the text label to a regular expression so that it can match any label I allow it to. To do this, just open the OR and click on the property that contains the text label. An icon of a pound sign within two pointy brackets will appear. Click on it and the Value Configurations box appears. Make sure the variable type Constant is selected and clear the edit field. Then check the “Regular Expression” checkbox and put in your regular expression.

In this case, I chose the following:


It works thusly: the first character of the object is either a ‘U’ or a ‘B’. The second character must be an ‘n’ or an ‘i’, etc. We will note that the order of the characters within the square brackets is significant; we are essentially spelling both words out, with each set of square brackets containing the next letter in the respective words. So the two words we are looking for are “Unbill” and “Billed” with a plus sign appended to match the remaining characters in “Unbilled”. This is not the perfect regular expression, but it is specific enough for our needs. However, if a button is added with the label, say, “Unbillable”, I will have to make my regular expression more specific.

J9 Test Asset Developer

Oracle Sub-Tabs

On my current project, I have been updating business components that were recorded against an Oracle platform with a JAVA presentation layer.  Initially, due to some object recognition issues with the Oracle add-in we were forced to use just the JAVA add-in by itself.

Since these component recordings the client has implemented a patch to their Oracle instance, that has “corrected” a lot of the object recognition issues that we were having. Now we are able to use the Oracle add-in thus enhancing QuickTest’s functionality against the Oracle forms.

We originally encountered many aggravating  issues with using the JAVA add-in only, for example all edit field entries were being recorded with the same object name, and all were using the SetSecure method opposed to the Set method used to enter data.

Once the Oracle patch was implemented, one problem I encountered was that I was unable to record an action that required clicking on a sub-tab called “Collections.”   This tab was to be activated in order to interact with the fields it contained. Normally QuickTest has no issues at all with selecting items within a tab strip (in other environments), but on the Oracle environment it simply would not register. I “spied” on the object and found no identifying characteristics except for the name.  With such a powerful identifying trait why would QTP not recognize this action when recording?  My first inclination was to do Low Level Recording.  However, this is only used as a last resort so I decided to try adding the tab to the repository and added …OracleTabbedRegion(“Collections”).Select to my code.

Ultimately, this was the correct fix.  It is important to remember or search through the vast amounts of objects and methods when working with advanced scripting.  A little extra effort can truly enhance the quality of your work.

J9 Test Asset Developer

OVIS to BAC Migration

J9 Technologies, Inc. announces a limited-time migration solution for Hewlett Packard customers currently using OpenView Internet Services (OVIS). As of December 31, 2009, current OVIS customers must migrate from OVIS to HP’s BAC and SiteScope solutions…

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