New Webinar: Merging Disparate Systems Into a Single Pane of Glass

Please feel free to view our latest webinar on how to develop a Single Pane of Glass view of IT using J9 Accelerators and JDash.

A video speaks a thousand words

It is nothing new for us to be constantly developing new educational tools. Demos and lab materials for trainings on site, or content for our evolving KnowledgeBase that augments the HP software support we provide to our customers. But the videos are the biggest hits so far. They pack a three minute punch of information without leaning on those lazy powerpoint icons. Check ‘em out.

Business Transaction Management in palatable terms (no yawning required):

In case you missed the first one, here it is:
Why J9? Well, since you asked…

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OVIS to BAC migration, anyone?

J9 Technologies, Inc. Announces Migration Solution for OpenView Internet Services Users

J9 Technologies, Inc. announces a limited-time migration solution for Hewlett Packard customers currently using OpenView Internet Services (OVIS). As of December 31, 2009, current OVIS customers must migrate from OVIS to HP’s BAC and SiteScope solutions in order to receive licenses, customer support, patches, and updates from HP. As a result of the Mercury acquisition, HP announced that it is dropping support for the OVIS solution in favor of the Business Availability Center (BAC) and SiteScope solutions. HP is offering, free-of-charge, a license exchange from OVIS to BAC and SiteScope.

J9 offers expert services to streamline the customer’s license acquisition process, pre-migration planning, end-to-end migration from OVIS to BAC, and identifying best practices for ongoing utilization of the new BAC solution. With J9, the migration process is not just one of conversion, but evolution. J9′s solution reduces a customer’s time to value risk during the migration process.

J9 works with each customer individually to determine their current state, identify gaps and provide a plan for migration. Throughout the process, J9′s experts partner with the customer to ensure the migration not only replaces their current state, with no gaps, but allows the customer to be positioned to expand their capabilities utilizing the enhanced BAC platform. J9′s services expand beyond OVIS migration solutions to offer a complete range of basic and advanced BAC implementation services and training programs designed to enable the customer to take full advantage of the power of the BAC platform.

Business Availability Center brings a robust platform to address a broad range of application environments. BAC’s rich feature-set offers customers an enhanced platform addressing their Business Service Management needs and initiatives, including application diagnostics, service level management, business transaction management, and superior dashboarding capabilities. The BAC platform is capable of supporting a wide range of application environments beyond standard web-based applications, resulting in enterprise-wide coverage for the customer’s most business critical systems, such as ERP/CRM, E-Mail, SOA, Web 2.0, and client-based systems.

About J9 Technologies

J9 Technologies is a certified Hewlett Packard Gold Partner, specializing in Business Service Management and Application Performance Lifecycle management.

Offering strategic consulting, training, installation and ongoing support for HP software products such as SOA Systinet, Service Test, Business Availability Center, Diagnostics, LoadRunner / Performance Center, Real User Monitoring (RUM), TransactionVision. With a focus on application diagnostics, composite application management, and business transaction management, J9 Technologies strives to ensure that customers can quickly identify the root-cause of issues and minimize mean time to resolution.