J9 Acquired by Axxiome

J9 is now a part of a global company. Read the official press release below:

Axxiome Acquires J9 Technologies; Transaction Strengthens Axxiome’s US Presence, Expands Services to Include IT Operations Management Products and Services

January 20th, 2015 New York, NY: Axxiome Group has completed the acquisition of J9 Technologies, Inc. to extend its reach and product portfolio in the North American market.

Axxiome is a global products, services and advisory firm focused on helping customers making key decisions about their business-critical applications, while J9 has products and services that guide customers through tuning and managing applications for IT operations. Axxiome and J9 together will provide a full service value chain including plan – build – test and run stages for strategic applications and systems.



“After working with Clay and his team at J9 over the last two years it’s clear that our two organizations work well together and generate a unique value proposition for our key customers and markets,” says Kris Hansen, Managing Director and CEO of Axxiome North America. “Making sure that critical systems are well designed and running smoothly is what our customers are looking for – and the market is open to seeing a new firm step into this space and coming from a position of quality and efficiency. I am very excited about how J9 products and team members amplify the value that Axxiome can bring to market.”

The business challenges associated with growth, changing business models and increased regulatory compliance combined with the growing complexity of legacy bound systems have created a high cost of change and a lack of flexibility of company landscapes. The addition of J9’s products and team will strengthen Axxiome’s ability to help companies reduce complexity to create an increased flexibility, efficiency and reduce operational costs – driving higher resiliency.

Clay Roach, J9’s Founder and CEO will become SVP and Chief Technology Officer for Axxiome North America. “By combining the strengths of Axxiome and J9, we are positioned to continue to expand the products and services we’ve brought to market, and grow our partner and global network considerably,” says Roach. “This also allows us to more closely align to our customer’s ways of conducting business and solve some of their nastiest and complex integration and application management issues.”

Al Wasserberger, formerly J9’s Chief Operating Officer will head Axxiome North America’s sales and strategic partnership efforts as it’s SVP of Corporate Development and Chief Revenue Officer. The transaction will also bring J9’s approximately 20 US-based employees to Axxiome’s ranks. J9’s locations in New York, NY and Pittsburgh, PA will both become areas for focused investment and growth for Axxiome.

About Axxiome

Axxiome delivers solutions to the financial services industry, driving business and technology change through proven global expertise. Axxiome is a global solutions provider for the financial services industry focusing on advisory in banking and insurance complexity reduction and . Axxiome provides advanced SAP Banking and Insurance expertise for accelerating the implementation and integration of transformation initiatives. With these methods, products, and expertise, Axxiome helps financial institutions reach clarity from a business, technology, integration and portfolio perspective. Axxiome is committed to supporting the achievement of tangible business outcomes including: new business operating models, regulatory agility, increased efficiency, the transformation of customer channels, and reducing total cost of ownership for its clients.

About J9 Technologies

J9 Technologies provides monitoring solutions to our clients through a combination of our own ground-breaking Accelerator software, the resell of various vendors’ Business Service Management (BSM) and Application Performance Management (APM) software, and services performed by the top consultants in the industry. Through a combination of people and technologies, J9 focuses on application diagnostics, composite application management, and business transaction management to ensure that customers can quickly identify the root-cause of issues, minimize mean time to resolution, and ultimately provide a higher satisfaction to business application users.

To find out more about Axxiome and J9 Technologies visit: www.axxiome.com or www.j9tech.com

For further information please contact Kris Schulze, Axxiome North America

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