Scale to the Next Level in IT Operations Management

Maximize Operational Agility by Elevating Your Monitoring, Analytics and Incident Response Infrastructure for a Clear View of What’s Working, and More Importantly, What’s Not.

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Problems We Solve

Your business depends on you to drive operational assurance and gain the critical business insight needed to deliver robust, reliable services. People just like you at some of the world’s largest companies depend on J9 to better monitor and manage their IT operations. If any of these problems resonate, J9 can help:

Application downtime and performance degradation

Use the latest in APM tools and processes to gain better insight into your business applications and the services they rely on; satisfy your customers’ limited tolerance for slow response times

Disruptive service outages costing you ”real money”

Predict issues that could cause service malfunctions, outages or slowdowns. With advanced warning your team can keep systems running and avoid costly failures

Inability to easily detect, isolate and resolve operational issues

Diagnose the root cause of operational and service issues, rapidly isolate and prioritize problems and reduce Mean Time to Repair; eliminate anxiety associated with “not knowing”

Losing real issues in a sea of alerts from siloed tools

Get all of your metric and event data into the right hands and separate high-impact problems from the noise of daily operations

Disconnected arrays of inefficiently utilized monitoring infrastructure and tools

Gain full value from your existing IT investments and improve organizational visibility and communication by unifying metrics and events across all of your monitoring tools; finally eliminate reactive firefighting and finger pointing

Inability to navigate Change and Release Management

Prevent service incidents by Identifying and prioritizing issues that have the biggest business impact and understanding how proposed changes affect the business


Who We Are

J9 Technologies helps you scale to the next level in IT Operations Management. For more than a decade, we have helped leading enterprises assure their performance, service availability and delivery. J9 maximizes operational agility and elevates monitoring, analytics and incident response infrastructure to gain necessary insights, expedite diagnosis and give IT teams the tools they need to succeed.

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